Welcome to
Takomo Elonroihu

where our goal is to create cherished and functional
items that will last for generations.


My name is Niklas Salminen and I’m the proud founder of Takomo Elonroihu.

I have, as long as I can remember, had the “buy once” mentality. But that mentality didn’t correspond well with me reaching adulthood in the early 2000’s. 

I learned the hard and expensive way that the majority of item’s are now designed and built to break. And that repairs/spareparts are either as expensive, unavailable or even more expensive than the original item itself.

I simply can’t accept this, and I have decided to try to give consumers an alternative. The alternative to only buy once.

Currently, I will mainly offer products that I designed and made for my personal use. This way I have a better understanding of the use and quality of the items I have available for purchase.

I will also accept custom work, as long as I have enough knowledge about the item at hand.  


As of yet, this isn’t a company nor a brand. The name Takomo Elonroihu simply stands for my vision, my standards and my goal.

You simply can’t make a company on you own. But together, with your support, we could one day all enjoy handmade original item’s that we can pass on to our next generations.